Freitag, 29. August 2014

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Hey everybody,

i just decided to start blogging from now on For the future there will come up alot of nice stuff, including a nice coaching section!

i hope i see you all there :)

Donnerstag, 24. Juli 2014

Wsop, LA and more

Been awhile since i found a minute to blog :). Been amazing but exhausting last 8 weeks, 6,5 of them in Sin City, a few days in Vienna and some in Velden at the sea. I played a full shedule of wsop events, including almost all mixgames. Overall it ended up beeing 18 tourneys, i didnt ended rly sucsessfull, just cashed in one :(. made a lot of deepruns in the 3 10ks i played but didnt made money in any of them. The one i handled to cash, i ended super ugly on the final table bubble with a prty nasty suckout where i got it all in on 1084 board in plo8 with a1082 vs kk73 with a flushdraw. turn k river A and that was it.

In the main event i played prty solid for along time then got moved to a super bad table and my plays didnt worked out so ended in the middle of day3 and 500 before the monies there.

In the 6 weeks, i traveld with friends to LA for a weekend which was besides the edc festival the only freetime i took off from the grind.
Cashgames wheren´t that great as the year before big0 (5card o8). Many ppl i knew from the last 2 years and they basicly just trying to play the nuts, so not very fun to play against. The chinese pinapple games where really good. Kinda amazing tbh :)

A while ago i started working with my buddy on a new project. He founded a new site and i kinda support him with ideas for the future.

The site its called!

For the near future im planing on posting blogs and maybe some content there. Right now im thinking about posting a video about OFC pinapple. Many of my friends are realy into this game and gamble it like nonstop. In Vegas i was around couple rly good players and talked alot of strategy so i feel kinda good about giving some basic informations about the game to anybody in the near future!

It was definitly nice to see many people again, that living far away and you dont have around you very often. Next trip will be to barcelona, where the ept is going to celebrate there 100 stop. After this i might go to the caribeen befor the pca this time to the cpt saint martin, friends of mine told me its amazing place so i might check it out :).

Definitly planing on blogging more again about how games going online, right now the lobby doesnt look to pretty to grind, but last 2 days i battled some regular guy hu in 5card o8 and did pretty ok for beeing out of shape and lasy for 8 weeks but somehow i ran decent and having fun again playing online. So i guess i stay into it for awhile and the goodrun continues :)

some random pics from the trip i wont hide.

Dienstag, 20. Mai 2014

scoop finish

its done! didnt made top 10 of the leaderboard in m category, sadly didnt manged a single cash out of the past 5 days including 8game, plo8, nlo8 horse and plo. :(

well not to bad, ran good the first few days and luckily my swaps didnt ran too bad this year so all in all very good scoop :). for the next few days im just goin to take it easy and then gettin focus on whats coming next, which will be the WSOP.

i am leavin next friday and my flight back is somewhere after the mainevent so full grind this year and i guess next post comes from sin city :)

Mittwoch, 14. Mai 2014


Been home now for 1 week after about 2 weeks in monte carlo. Ran rly bad down there, exact money bubble in 3 or 4 tourneys dont even remember just got it out of my head by now :D. Even better i started in the scoop this year. Took down the badugi against Team Pro Nachhhooo from argentina :). Was rly happy with my play overall in this, definitly had the luck on my site, which is never bad when it counts! After some deepruns my chance to attac is the medium leaderboard isnt to bad, so i guess im goin to grind alot of the coming days to get deep into it :).

After sccop, wsop coming rly quick. not even 2 weeks break between. i decided to stay about 6 weeks this year down in sin city, donno yet if stay until the main event, guess i decide how it runs sponanious later on.

For now, all from here glgl all scoopers :)

some pics i shoot in mc...

Donnerstag, 24. April 2014

first few days in monaco

arrived yday kinda exhausted here in monte carlo after beein kinda jetlaged bc of my didic stupid sleep schedule but now after few hrs at the pool im kinda motivated for the next coming days of live powering! Yday we went to a nice irish pub 5 minutes from the poker room for the championsleauge semi final bayer-real. interesting game but nothin special and a bad result for german soccer, so im rly looking forward for the revenge in munic in 2 weeks :)

pokerwise, im going to play day2 tomorrow with around 80bb and playin the plo, plo8 and horse championships in the coming days which are all 1ks.

i guess further updates coming when im back home or whenever i find a free minute :)